Solid Titanium/ Anodized Titanium

Titanium is considered one of the hardest metals and is ideal for body jewelry!Titanium body jewelry is preferred by many piercing fans and is sensitive on almost all skin types. Titanium body jewelry will also last much longer than other body jewelry due to the titanium body piercing has an industrial look that adds a dash of cool to anybody's body. We carry a large selection of titanium body jewelry for all of your piercing needs.

Anodized Titanium body jewelry is 316L medical grade body jewelry that has a anodized oxide layer of titanium over the jewelry. The layer of titanium helps fight against corrosion of the jewelry and is also great for those that have certain metal allergies. If you are looking for titanium body piercing jewelry, then look no further. Whether you are looking for solid titanium or anodized titanium has what you need.