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Our passion is Body Jewelry, our commitment is to offer you the highest quality and the best products in the market. Our believed has allowed us to continuously grow and evolved into a very consistent and effective pace.

We offer more than 5000 different products each with unique characteristic, to make sure you are satisfied and happy with your new item. We have award winning customer service and our company policies allows us to do everything possible until you are contented with your piece or package.

BodyJewelry.com is your one stop shop for all your body jewelry and piercing needs. We offer piercing kits, tattoo supplies, needles, corks, gloves, tools, as well as all types of body jewelry such as tongue rings, nipple rings, eyebrow rings, nose rings, belly rings, mouth jewelry, ear jewelry and much more.

Our mission statement is to bring you everything necessary to “help you be bold and yourself”

Our head offices are located in Florida and now you have an opportunity to experience our catalog online. Our site is one of the largest websites in the body jewelry business. Here we bring you some of the best and some of the latest of our body jewelry collection.

We offer only the high quality merchandise, manufactured from of the finest materials available. Our selections include jewelry made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, .925 Sterling Silver, Solid 14k Gold and Solid Titanium.

Our extensive body jewelry collection includes navel jewelry, belly button rings, tongue jewelry, eyebrow rings and barbells, labrets, spikes, balls, ear jewelry, nipple rings & nose studs. Our accessories collection includes toe rings, belly chains, temporary tattoos, sterling silver hoops, sterling silver ear studs; arm bands nail rings and chokers. The styles include everything from the basic to silicone ticklers, dangling jewelry, 'glow in the dark' and body jewelry with genuine gemstones.

We can guarantee that our jewelry and accessories are manufactured from some of the finest and latest quality materials and that the body jewelry designers who design our items, are some of the best from all over the world design our items. We are aware of the body piercing communities needs and we have selected our items carefully.

We hope this website is helpful and informative for you and we look forward to serving the body piercing community. Our number one priority is our service to you. Please feel free to contact us on any issue concerning our company and website. ....And most important, enjoy....

Luxe Modz, made exclusively by Bodyjewelry.com, offers a wide variety of materials when it comes to your body jewelry. We want to offer you something unique in every item. This brand represents our statement; be bold and be yourself. A marvelous product is what you will find in this collection. If you looking for more organic jewelry, this brand carries what you may need. Luxe Modz finds the most natural organic materials in the world to make every piece of jewelry. Hand carved wooden jewelry made from the best raw natural woods. Every stone is selected and used in its most beautiful state to create wonderful and unique pieces of jewelry. This brand also carries Resin made body jewelry as well. Luxe Modz also carries unique jewelry for piercings also. High quality surgical steel is used to form some of the most unique pieces. Sterling silver, brass, and even 14k gold body jewelry can be found throughout this collection.

Lion Gothic is your complete professional piercing solution. Made exclusively by Bodyjewelry.com, our kit includes everything a piercing professional needs to create a wonderful piercing masterpiece. From the needles, which are sealed and sterilized. To the body jewelry, made from the highest quality surgical steel. We also wanted our piercing kits have everything possible by offering aftercare products that will help you to receive the ultimate piercing care. There is no other piercing kit like ours and we stand by our product. If complete satisfaction is is what you require, then our brand is guaranteed. Our customers love our brand. You will too once you've tried us.

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