Belly Rings

While it may seem like a new trend, belly piercings have been around for a very long time! The days of playing taboo are over for the belly ring, these days they're about as common as ear piercings. You can add some fun and funky flair to your look with any of the unique belly button rings in the selection here at Body Jewelry. Our designer belly rings will help you enhance your style without going totally over the top. Here at Body Jewelry, we offer a wide range of belly rings in a variety of styles and aesthetics. Take the time to shop through our wide selection and choose the pieces of body jewelry that are perfect for you. We offer a wide selection of belly button rings including dangling belly rings, reverse belly rings, acrylic belly rings, belly shields, and so much more. We even have belly button rings designed specifically for pregnancy! Whatever you're looking for, you can find the perfectly unique belly button ring that's perfect for you.