Our Team


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Started out as a door to door body jewelry seller, with dreams about one day owning an international business. He worked day and night for more than ten years to grow a successful corporation. Avi has a strong conviction that if you're willing to work hard for your dreams then one day they will become a reality. BodyJewelry.com is the materialization of this. Today Avi is the Owner of one of the most successful body jewelry companies around the Globe.

Our Executive Team

  • Doron

    Warehouse Supervisor

  • Vicky

    Shipping Specialist

  • Janneth

    Quality Control

  • Cheatan


  • Jayde

  • Rony

    Marketplace Coordinator

  • Douglas

    Graphic Designer

BodyJewelry Culture


We care about you like we care about each other. We want to make your shopping experience memorable and support you every step of the way.


Our company motto is " No Normal People Allowed" . Our individuality and craziness is what makes work fun and throws redundancy out the door.


Any company can sell body jewelry. Us on the other hand have goals to go beyond the parameter and give the world a product that is new, of great caliber and most importantly attainable.