Labret Studs

Lip piercings and labret jewelry is extremely popular these days. The labret Monroe piercing is growing in popularity amongst the younger crowds. Labret jewelry and Monroe jewelry help add a unique look to your face, while really showing off your personality. A Monroe piercing is sexy and flirty, with a little bit of edginess. is an online market leader in providing a wide selection of labret jewelry and Monroe jewelry, to really give that Monroe piercing some character.

A Monroe piercing is a piercing lip-piercing placed off-center, above the lip to resemble Marilyn Monroe's beauty spot. This type of piercing has grown extremely popular, and the demand for Monroe jewelry is higher than ever. We offer Monroe Jewelry in a variety of designs such as basic design, jewel design, logo design gold plated, acrylic, lippy loop and many more. Body has the largest selection of labret jewelry online at exceptional prices. When you're looking for new labret jewelry, let be your destination. We can handle all of your Monroe jewelry needs!