316L Surgical Steel

Surgical steel body jewelry is designed from steel that can be used for surgical equipment and implants. This type of steel is extremely popular for people who have sensitive skin. Surgical steel body jewelry is extremely durable. Because of the large quantity of chromium in surgical steel body jewelry, the jewelry is corrosion resistant and scratch resistant making it outlast most other types of body jewelry.

We carry 316L body jewelry which is the strongest surgical steel body jewelry on the market. Surgical steel body jewelry is easy to clean, and because of its strong design, won't ever lose shape. We carry a wide variety of captive rings, horseshoe rings, barbells, curved barbells, twisters, ear gauges, nose rings, and labret surgical steel body jewelry. If your're looking for the best 316L body jewelry then look no further than BodyJewelry.com. All of our surgical steel body jewelry is of the highest quality.